Samsung s5 Cellphone Contract for Blacklisted

We offer cell phone contracts to clients who are blacklisted or who don’t qualify through the normal channels. Get your Samsung Galaxy S5  Cellphone Contract Now. All contracts are 24 months contracts, we convert you from the hassle of pre paid to the ease of contract benefits. Apply for a contract today and the phone could be delivered to you in 24 – 48 hrs free SIM and Connection.

We can help you get a blacklisted cellphone contract for Samsung Galaxy S5 even if you have bad credit or are blacklisted. All you need is to qualify for a blacklisted clelphone contract is:

  • Have permanent employment
  • Have a valid South African Bank Account
  • Earn at least R3,000
  • Be not under administration

Apply Now  for your samsung Galaxy S5

No Finance Cars – Cars for Blacklisted People

Thanks No Finance Cars’  rent to buy option for our cars, even if you’re blacklisted, you may still Qualify to take delivery of one of our late model, quality tested and check pre-owned motor vehicles. Get Vehicle Finance up to R200 000.

There are other reasons than being black listed to take advantage of our no finance cars though.

With No Finance Cars

  • You have the flexibility to choose whether you want to keep the vehicle after 54 months or not.
  • You can terminate the contract earlier, subject to certain terms and conditions, giving you the option to drive the vehicle of your choice for a shorter period.
  • There is no middle-man, and no agent.
  • There’s no finders fee.
  • We have an unlimited supply of vehicles, and every vehicle on offer belongs to us.
  • Our monthly rates are substantially lower than other rent-to-buy programmes.
  • We provide a wide selection of late model, quality tested and checked pre-used vehicles.
  • Unlike any other rent to buy programme, No Finance Cars has fixed repayments over the term.
  • Unlike any other rent to buy programme our contracts have no mileage limitation.
  • No Finance Cars rent to buy programme has been designed to put you, the blacklisted client, in the driving seat.

Contact No Finance Cars

010 040 3009

(Standard Local Rates Apply)
Fax: 086 266 1293



1st Floor
Cnr North Rand Road & Wiek Road


Showtime Finance

showtimeShowtime Finance clients who have bad credit histories, judgments against their name, garnishee orders, defaults or are simply refused by commercial banks with loans from R1,000 to R15,000 within 48hrs.
They Offer PayDay Loans, repayable within 30 days, and Short Term Loans, from 4, 6 and 12 months. It is our unique relationship with money lenders and brokers in South Africa and our steadfast compliance with the Consumer Protection Act that help make us one of the leading loan finder companies in South Africa.
Tel 086693847216 Voortrekker Road
Tygerberg Sentrum Building
6th Floor

Vehicle finance to blacklisted individuals

We offer vehicle finance to blacklisted individuals. if we cannot help you then nobody Can!!Don’t wait to loose your job contact us for an easy application process.. Get approved in one hour and we guarantee if you are approved you will drive your dream car within 72HRS…All you need to do is reply to this advert and do remember to include your full names and contact details… NO UP FRONT FEES CHARGED!

Blacklisted ? Clear your name

Are you tired of being blacklisted or having a bad credit with the credit bureaus Tansunion, Experian and XDS? Are you having Constant disapproved Credit applications – Remove Judgment information NOW!

Having a bad Credit Record can have a devastating effect on your life. You can’t buy the things you want, open a bank account or even get that job you have dreamed of. We are specialists at Credit bureau clearance and can help you.

Both individual people and companies can be black listed. To be blacklisted means that you have a bad credit record. This is probably because you have not paid a shop or other company to which you owed money or perhaps you did not pay them on time.

Being blacklisted can have a very bad effect on your life. If you are blacklisted you will probably find it very difficult to buy anything on credit or get any type of finance. It might even be difficult to open a bank account or get a job if you have a poor credit record. Even if you are able to get finance, it is likely that you will have to pay a higher interest rate or put down a large deposit. It is NEVER a good idea to be blacklisted and if you are, it is important to clear your name as soon as you can.

It is unfortunately very difficult to have your name cleared once you have a bad credit record. Even if you have a good excuse for not paying your debt, like you were retrenched or sick, it will not be enough to have you name cleared. Paying back the money that you owe is also no enough to clear your credit record.

Once you have been blacklisted you will have a bad credit record for anything from 2 – 10 years, depending on the type of listing that you have against you, but even after this period of time a judgment can be issued against you if you have not paid the money that you owe.

However, paying back the money that you owe to your Creditors is also not enough to have your name cleared from the credit records. You still need to seek help from us practitioners to assist you in approaching your creditors for consent to removing such listings. 

123 Cash Loans

123 Cash Loans  specialize in same day payouts of short to medium term cash loans of up to R8 000, as well as payday loans, with the ability to apply for your cash loans online.

Payday loans are payable at your next payday meaning they are up to 30 day and can be applied for online.Even if you are blacklisted , we can help,s long as you are not under Debt Review or Administration Order.You need to have been in your current job for at least 6 months.

Our application process for our cash loans is simple, fast, safe and the confidentiality of our clients is assured.

We cover all of South Africa with branches in Boksburg, Capetown, Centurion, Durban, Pinetown and Randburg

Capitec Bank Multi Loan

Capitec Bank Multi Loan is monthly loan for your daily needs or emergencies, reviewed every 12 months at a branch

Get up to R4 000 in minutes, any time or place, Transfer money to your transaction/savings account using our ATMs, Mobile Banking or Internet Banking, Interest and fees only charged on money transferred, Repayable in full each month.

Capitec Contact Details: 0860 10 20 43

Personal Loans for Blacklisted People in South Africa

Trying to find loans with a bad credit record or if you are blacklisted can be incredibly difficult. While being blacklisted is not quite as severe as having bad credit, it does prevent people from obtaining loans. We offer  a number of services for people that are blacklisted or do not have a perfect credit record in South Africa including personal loans, payday loans, cellphone contract and debt counselling.

Blacklisted Loans from R1000 to R20000

The blacklisted personal loans are available in amounts between R1000 and R50000.Its entirely up to you to use the money for any expense such as medical bills or even consolidating all your other loans into one. The major benefit of such loans is you may improve you blacklist situation by paying the loan on time which improved your credit score. If you consolidate bills under one loan, your situation will improve over time. Getting off the blacklist may take quite a while, but you have the chance to improve you finances.

Apply for Blacklisted Loans

if you accept our loan offer, the money is deposited into your account. You will have immediate access to the cash you need.

Don’t wait – APPLY ONLINE NOW  

Vehicle Finance for Blacklisted People in South Africa

financing_carWe makes it easy for a business or an individual to find car loans for blacklisted in South Africa, and it is simple and free to apply wit no obligation online in minutes. Don’t let being blacklisted ruin your life. Unfortunately many people in South Africa are blacklisted and this makes life that much more complicated in trying to find  vehicle finance can be difficult or almost impossible. If you are working and commuting a car is an essential of your life, or if you have a family to transport and trying to get car finance for blacklisted people is difficult.

We rebuild Your Credit History

The plus side  applying for a car loan even if you are blacklisted will be the ability to  rebuild  and build your credit history and status. The lower your credit rating the more you are charged on your interest rates for personal loans, credit cards, and mortgages.A lot of credit providers are not even willing to give money to people that have a poor credit history. Car lenders that deal with people who have bad credit applications will sometimes take a chance on such a person only because the loan is secured by that vehicle which means that if you default on your car loan, they just take the car back, it is repossessed. We offer you an opportunity to rebuild your credit history by taking vehicle finance with us which means when you make your monthly payments faithfully, and promptly you are improving your score.

Get a Car of your Choice

We offer offer a wide range of vehicles and will do their best to help you find the vehicle you want for blacklisted car finance South Africa. Whether you are looking for an entry level car like a Volkswagen Citi Golf or Hyundai Getz or need a sedan like a Volkswagen Jetta, Toyota Corolla or Yaris, we will help. If you qualify you will even be able to drive a more expensive car like a BMW or Mercedes-Benz we are there to assist you every step of the way. We are able to worj within your budget, and we are even able to offer No Deposit Cars.

SA Multi Loans

bridge-loansSA Multi Loans , Bridge Loans can help you with Personal Loans for up to R2, 0000. You can apply from anywhere in South Africa and Blacklisted Clients are welcome to apply. You must have no more than 2 Garnish orders on Payslip.

Fast Pre-Approvals! We can help you!! No credit checks for Short Term loans up to R6500. Long term loans from R1000-R20000.

For a fast Pre-Approval Fax your

  • Latest Payslip
  • Copy of Id and
  • 3 months Bank statement (not older than 5 days)

Before You Fax Please Make Sure You Have All Documents Required Before Faxing It To AVOID DELAYS